I booked the Oxford Winsor and Eton Tour on 8th March 2020 and had an amazing time. First, we saw Winsor, which is a picturesque small town, Winsor Castle and The Long Walk. We could decide whether we wanted to join a guided tour with our tour guide through Winsor and Eton or buy a ticket and explore Winsor Castle on our own. Then, we drove to Oxford which offers an astonishing number of beautiful old colleges and other buildings. There, we had the option to buy a ticket for the Christ Church College which I can highly recommend to every Harry Potter fan although the prices have risen ridiculously. Our tour guide, Gerry was well-prepared and organized as well as funny and entertaining. He spoke very clearly and repeated important organizational information multiple times. Over the whole trip, he seemed to be very interested in our safety. Since my friend and I, wanted to see Christ Church during our free time, he accompanied us the whole way from Oxford town centre to Christ Church and gave as additional information about the college. We had short breaks throughout the whole day and enough time at each spot to take photos or to buy some souvenirs. All in all, it was a fantastic trip with a great tour guide!

Lea C | 08-Mar-2020
Oxford Windsor and Eton