If you ever want to get a glimpse of what studying in one of the best universities in the world would like to be, I would recommend this tour. I booked it on the 8th of March 2020 and had a unique experience. The tour started in Brighton and we went by coach to Windsor and Eton first. The coach was excellent, clean and we had an experienced driver. For the tour we had the opportunity to explore Windsor on our own or follow our guide Gerry. Windsor is an amazing little town, famous for Windsor Castle. If you ever wanted to see the Queen in "more private", go there. After a short walk to Eton, we got back on the coach and went to Oxford, known for hosting more than 35 colleges. Apart from the excellent education, Oxford is astonishingly beautiful. In Oxford, Gerry showed us some of the college buildings and we even went to Christ Church College. There we had the opportunity to see one of the film sets of the Harry Potter film sets. Even though the price is quite high, I would highly recommend it to every Potterhead and fan. Our tour guide, Gerry, made the experience unique. He was entertaining, but also included many details on the history of England and British culture. He spoke very clearly and made sure to give clear instructions for safety and time regulations. Gerry also seemed to be interested in the people, as he accompanied a friend of mine and me to Christ Church College or talked to other passengers. He was open-minded and showed us the best places to take photos. All in all, I would recommend it to everyone! We had an amazing day with a fantastic guide.

Lucia | 08-Mar-2020
Oxford Windsor and Eton