This is the second time I've gone with discovery tours in the past 2 months, and both times were brilliant. Our tour guide was Gerry and he's great at making things so clear about everything. From the moment you get on the coach, you aren't left with any questions of what's to happen because he makes sure to let you know the itinerary of the day step by step. There are also quite a lot of foreign students on the trips still learning English, and I noticed he's good at explaining in a way that everyone can understand, as well as entertainingly funny! The trip to Stratford and back was long but beautiful and comfortable on the coach We had the opportunity to explore a Cotswolds village for an hour and a half and take some quick photos of Anne Hatheways cottage. Once we got off at Stratford, the guide toured us around the town before letting us explore on our own. There was the option to explore on your own from the beginning, but I'd recommend listening to all the fun facts! In total we got about 2 hours and a half in Stratford, which gives enough time to explore around, but unfortunately doesn't really give time to go into museums, but that's to be expected in these kind of day trips though due to the time constraint. I was supposed to be on the trip with a friend who had to cancel, but I'd still reccommend going on your own as our guide was very friendly and there's always other people going solo to chat with! All in all, was a great day.

Courtney | 15-Aug-2021
Stratford-upon-Avon and the Cotswolds