Discovery tours is a great travel agency that organises fantastic tours. The general organisation of the tours is fantastic. Nothing is left to chance. The timing, the tickets, the destinations… everything is smartly planned. The guide is crystal clear when explaining anything, and makes the journey comfortable and enjoyable. They provide both exciting and relaxing tours. I joined the “London Sights, Shops and Museums” and “Isle of Wight and Portsmouth”. The first destination was clearly very exciting, and, even if I had been in London before, I really liked the tour. The guide was able to provide a panoramic view of London’s history, and he could describe the most important attractions without getting boring giving too many details. The tour towards Isle of Wight and Portsmouth was very relaxing and peaceful. In Portsmouth I was able to visit two beautiful warships and, for people who like shopping, to buy at very reasonable prices luxurious clothes. In the Isle of Wight, it is possible to enjoy a cup of tea (or anything you like) in a peaceful nature. If it is a sunny day remember to bring swimwear because you will be able to go to the beach and have a bath in the ocean!

Lorenzo Angeloni | 25-Aug-2019
Isle of Wight